Lighting automation

Too much light can ruin a party, but just enough can make it magical. Set your walkway lights to turn on automatically and illuminate a path without altering the ambiance.
Lighting control can easily be done by room, or by individual light
Choose from millions of colors or pre-set whites that match your circadian rhythm. Take a TrueImage photo of your light with your device. At a touch, see the color and simultaneously change in your virtual light and in your real-world fixture.
Any light in your home can be utomated, and automating lights such as outside atio lights and inside safety lights can educe the risk of accidents in your home.
Any light
With the Lutron systems available from Ultimate technology, you can break your house into “Living Zones” to define specific room usage. We will work with you to design a fully functional lighting system customized to your specific needs.
Convenience and comfort
At Ultimate technology, our home automation experts can integrate lighting automation with your window treatment motorization system, or install lighting automation as a stand-alone system.
Easy to program
You’ll save on energy costs with an automated lighting system from Lutron and Ultimate technology. Enjoy an immediate 8% savings on your electricity costs when you start using the Lutron Radio RA2 system. In fact, the use of a single Lutron dimmer can save consumers up to $30 per year per light!
Energy cost savings
Lighting systems are easy to program, change, and maintain. You’ll have complete control through your Master Controller and Hand Controllers. You can even use your iOs or Android device to control and program your lights!
Easy to control
Automated lighting adds a sense of elegance to your home, and the systems themselves are attractive and affordable.
Sense of elegance
Tap a Lighting Icon to bring up convenient, pre-set options that let you control all the lights in a room with a touch.

To adjust individual lights, tap the Lights bar at the bottom of the screen and manually dim or brighten the light using the slider.
Lighting control options vary based on installed lighting products and configuration.
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